Perfect Trip

Handcrafts goggles to protect Jockeys’ eyes from dirt, dust, and wind during their Perfect Trip into the Winner’s Circle.

 Hand Crafted in Kentucky

Founded in 2010

outstanding customer service

Your premier destination for handcrafted jockey goggles

Introducing Perfect Trip – your premier destination for handcrafted jockey goggles, established in 2010 in the heart of horse racing heritage, Louisville, Kentucky. Nestled just blocks away from the iconic Churchill Downs, the home of the Kentucky Derby, we’re not just close to the action; we’re a part of its legacy.


Our commitment doesn’t end with our products. Perfect Trip promises an outstanding customer service experience, aiming not just to meet but to exceed your expectations for quality and value. Trust us to be your ally in achieving the perfect trip, every ride. Welcome to the family where tradition meets excellence.

American made

meticulously handcrafted in Louisville, Kentucky, the heart of Horse Racing Country.

At Perfect Trip, we take pride in our meticulous handcrafting process, ensuring every pair of goggles meets the pinnacle of quality. We understand the demands of the horse racing community and the valor of jockeys embarking on their courageous rides. That’s why we’re dedicated to producing products that not only help but also protect, enhancing both performance and safety on the track.

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